Heather Klages

Hi, I’m Heather Klages. I was born and raised on my family’s beef farm in southwestern Ontario near the small town of Desboro.  I have two brothers, one older, one younger, but both much taller than I am! Growing up, I helped out on the farm picking stones, baling hay, chasing cattle, piling firewood and whatever other chores my Dad assigned. I am a past president of the Desboro 4-H Potato club. Growing up, I took piano lessons for years and in high school played the tenor saxophone in jazz band. I went to Ryerson University and graduated with a Degree in Journalism, but I found sticking to the facts to be too much of a hassle, so I decided to be a radio announcer. I’ve worked in Owen Sound and Orillia, Ontario before making the move west. 


I am a huge fan of Keith Urban, Corb Lund and Sarah Harmer. I enjoy baking and my brownies have placed first more than once at the Desboro Fall Fair. I love breakfast and whenever I see a restaurant advertising all-day breakfast I am tempted to pull over.  I’ve seen quite a bit of this beautiful country of ours, every province from Ontario to B.C.. I’ve been to Holland and England and would love to go back to both someday. I cheer for the greatest team in hockey, the Toronto Maple Leafs. I spend my Sunday mornings catching up on the latest Coronation Street drama.  My dream vehicle is a Jeep Cherokee with cupholders, a working heater, and a few dents to give it character.  My favourite Facebook application is Farm Town, hands down!


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