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Here’s my Top 100! I think anyone’s list of the top 100 Country music artist of all time would be skewed towards their own personal preference as much as you’d like to think you could stay Neutral. And of course influenced by their age, area and other factors. So with that in mind I wouldn’t be surprised or offended at all if you were to disagree with the order in which I’ve picked my top 100.

#75 Dan Seals (England Dan)

Not many artists have gone from having a successful career in pop or rock music to having a successful country music career but Dan Seals is one of the few who did. Growing up in Texas Dan Seals was certainly familiar with country music so you might say he returned to his roots in the early 80’s and by the late 80’s had become a country music star, racking up 11 number one hits.

It was Dan Seals Brother Jim who gave him the nickname England Dan and it was because of Jim that Danny Wayland Seals would record under that name along with John Ford Coley. Dan Seals was a huge fan of the Beatles and even developed an English accent when he was a child and that’s what prompted his brother to give him the name. When Jim became part of the soft rock duo Seals & Croft, Dan didn’t want to interfere with his brother’s popularity so he became known as England Dan. In the Mid 70’s England Dan and John Ford Coley began to have success on the pop charts and in 1976 recorded and released their biggest hit “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight” which became a #2 hit on the Hot 100.

By 1980 England Dan and John Ford Coley had decided to go their separate ways and after attempting to become a solo pop act and not having much luck Dan moved to Nashville. He’d been around Country music all of his life with his father being a part of Ernest Tubbs band and his brother had played guitar for Jim Reeves. Plus the Country Music of the early 80’s wasn’t all that far off of what he’d been recording and his soft voice suited the industry. Still recording under the name England Dan his first album didn’t register much with country music fans. His 2nd & 3rd albums recorded under the name Dan Seals got him noticed with songs like God Must Be a Cowboy and My Baby’s Got Good Timing which peaked at #2. His country music career exploded with the release of his 4th album called Won’t Be Blue Anymore. The album produced 3 singles and all would become number one hits including his signature hit Bop. Bop would take home the single of the year award at the 1986 CMA Awards and prove that Dan Seals belonged in Nashville. Throughout the rest of the decade and into the 90’s Dan Seals would release 8 more number one singles. Dan Seals also receive praise for his 1989 video for the song They Rage On which was one of the first country music video’s to feature an interatrial relationship in a small town.

Top 10 Songs

10) My Baby’s Got Good Timing

09) Good Times

08) Three Time Loser

07) You Still Move Me

06) Big Wheels in the Moonlight

05) I will Be There

04) Love on Arrival

03) Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold)

02) Meet Me in Montana with Marie Osmond

01) Bop



Something You Might Not Know:

If not for a cancelled concert in Parris Dan Seals would have certainly been killed in the explosion of flight TWA 800 on July 17th 1996. Dan was scheduled to play back to back concerts in Paris and in Belgium so was booked to fly to Parris on flight TWA 800 July 17th. When the Paris concert was cancelled he was moved on to another flight direct to Belgium. TWA Flight 800 from New York to Paris exploded 12 minutes after takeoff killing all 230 people on board.


Country Music runs deep in the Seals Family. Dan Seals was a cousin to country music star Johnny Duncan as well as Brady Seals (Little Texas) and song writer Troy Seals (Seven Spanish Angels). Dan Seals was diagnosed with Cancer in 2007 and passed away in Nashville on March 25th, 2009. He was only 61 years of age.

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