Truck Drivin' Songs

For the Entire Month of January 1976 C.W. McCall (Bill Fries) found himself sitting at #1 on the American Country Billboard Chart with the Truck Drivin’ hit Convoy. The song also went to #1 in Canada the week of January 26th but the most surprising thing about this truck driving anthem is that it also went to #1 on the Hot 100 and the Canadian Singles Chart. The song was so good it inspired a cheesy movie in 1978 staring Kris Kristofferson and Ernest Borgnine. Convoy wasn’t the first Trucker Song but it was one of the most popular songs from a genre that can be traced back to the 1940’s. There really is no doubt that Truckin’ music took off in 1963 when Dave Dudley took Six Days on The Road to #2. If you love the “Truckin Songs” as much as I do maybe you’ll enjoy this time line and some history on some of the biggest Truck Driving songs of all time.

1954 Aug 7 Terry Fell & the Fellers (Buck Owens) Truck Driving Man (b side of Don’t Drop)

1963 June 1 Dave Dudley Six Days on the Road #2

1964 Feb 15 Jimmy Martin Widow Maker #19

1964 Sept 12 The Willis Brothers Give me 40 Acres and I’ll turn this Truck Around #9

1965 March 20 Dick Curless A Tombstone Every Mile #5

1965 March 27 Del Reeves Girl on the Billboard #1 (two weeks)

1965 July 31 Dave Dudley Tuck Drivin’ Son of a Gun #3

1965 Nov 27 Red Sovine Giddy Up Go #1 (six weeks)

1966 April 23 Red Simpson Roll Truck Roll #38

1966 June 4 Red Simpson The Highway Patrol #39

1966 Nov 5 Kay Adams Little Pink Mack #30

1967 Aug 5 Dave Dudley Trucker’s Prayer #23

1967 Aug 19 Red Sovine Phantom 309 #9

1967 Sept 21 Claude Gray How Fast them Old Trucks can go

1968 Aug 24 Del Reevs Looking at the world through a windshield #5

1969 Stompin Tom Connors Bud the Spud (#26 Canada)

1969 Dec 29 Merle Haggard White Line Fever (never released as single)

1971 Dec 25 Hello, I’m a Truck #4

1975 June 14 Merle Haggard Movin’ On #1 (one week)

1975 Dec 6 C.W. McCall Convoy #1 (Six weeks)

1976 July 4 Red Sovine Teddy Bear #1 (three weeks)

1977 Aug 27 Jerry Reed East Down and Bound #2

1979 Tiny Harris Endless Black Ribbon (Non Chart)

1984 Feb 4 Alabama Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler) #1 (one week)

1986 July 26 Steve Earle Guitar Town

1987 Sept 26 David Lynn Jones Bonnie Jean (story of little sister) #10

1988 March 19 Kathy Mattea Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses #1 (two weeks)

1988 Nov 26 Dan Seals Big Wheels in the Moonlight #1 (one week)

2005 The Road Hammers I’m a Road Hammer

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